FAQ Section

Q:  Where do you have to live to play for the Vipers Lacrosse Club?
A:  Players must live in the Vandegrift High School attendance zone of Leander ISD. High School players MUST attend Vandegrift High School.


Q:  Do you have a girls' high school program?
A:  Yes, the Lady Vipers Lacrosse Club started in the fall of 2012 and has grown each year! For more information go to www.ladyviperslax.net.


Q:  What is US Lacrosse and how does my son/daughter become a member?
A:  US Lacrosse is the governing body for lacrosse in the United States.  The Texas High School Lacrosse League requires all high school players to be a member in order to play.  It is the Viper Lacrosse Club policy to have ALL players, including middle school and elementary, to be a member because US Lacrosse provides insurance coverage for your son/daughter while involved in all lacrosse activities. To become a member you may click on the following link.  http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership
Annual dues for high school is $35, and $30 for middle school and youth (U14).


Q:  How is the money allocated?
A:  Lacrosse is not a UIL sanctioned sport, so the club does not receive a single dollar from Vandegrift High School or from LISD.  The club must pay for league dues, referees, team equipment, practice and game field rental, coaches' stipends, tournament fees, uniforms and other expenditures.


Q:  Do I need to pay the dues in full at the time of registration?
A:  Dues must be paid in full at the time of registration,with payment plans available through the registration portal. Registrations must be paid in full before your son can play in a scrimmage or game. However, no player should be prevented from playing due to economic circumstances. Special hardship situations can be reviewed by the Vipers Lacrosse Board of Directors for partial and full scholarships.  We do have a formal hardship process in place.


Q:  Is there a No Pass/No Play Policy for high school players?
A:  Yes.  While lacrosse is not UIL, we follow UIL guidelines regarding No Pass/No Play for all high school players.


Q:  Is there of Code of Conduct for high school and youth players?
A:  Yes.  Every high school and youth player must abide by our Code of Conduct which addresses behavior both on and off the playing field.  It also addresses the use of alcohol and other controlled substances for High School players.  There are penalties for violating the Code of Conduct and will be addressed by the coaching staff, Board of Directors and the Parents.


Q:  What equipment does my player need to get started playing lacrosse?
A:  Boys will need a lacrosse helmet, gloves, chest/shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth piece, cup (optional), and a stick. NOTE:  Hockey helmets and gloves CANNOT be used under leagues rules.  In addition, if your son plays on the high school team, their lacrosse head must be 2010 compliant under NCAA rules.


Q:  What are the team colors and does the equipment need to match?
A:  The youth and middle school team colors are black, white and silver.  Home jerseys will be white and away will be black.  Our youth helmets are white or black,  but preferably matte black.  High school colors are black and white, and helmets MUST be completely matte black.


Q:  Where and when are practices?
A:  High school practices are on the Four Points Middle School upper field and Monroe Stadium.  Middle school and youth practices locations include Four Points Middle School, Canyon Ridge Middle School, and HOA fields located in the Steiner Ranch and River Place communities.


Q:  Are parents required to volunteer?
A:  Yes, all parents are required to volunteer for at least (one) volunteer shift during the season. There are many opportunities available including field set up/tear down, announcing, score keeping, penalty timer, concessions, team parent, etc. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@viperslax.net) if you'd like to volunteer or if you'd like guidance on how you can help!


Q: Why is your registration in October/November for a spring sport?
A: While lacrosse is mostly a spring sport, our season starts in January. Registration timing is determined in part by our sanctioning bodies, Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association (CTYLA) for youth, and Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL) for High School. CTYLA requires roster submission on December 1st, so our registrations must be completed and submitted well in advance. In addition, we must order uniforms and plan for other expenditures in time for practices that start in mid-January both for the Youth and High School programs. As such, our registrations must close in November.